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HVAC Repair Service

Test and Fix HVAC Capacitor

One of the most common HVAC system repairs is a capacitor replacement. If your HVAC system isn't working, there is a good chance a capacitor has gone bad. Gas furnaces, air conditioning systems, and heat pumps all have capacitors. Our vetted HVAC Pros know how to test, diagnose, and replace a faulty HVAC capacitor.

What to expect when replacing a HVAC capacitor

The Logistics

After making initial contact, we will connect you with one of our vetted HVAC Pros in your area. Each pro is vetted for technical knowledge, and customer service skills.

Next, we will arrange a time to perform the service that is convenient for you.

Testing and replacing an HVAC system capacitor is a quick process that usually takes around 20-25 minutes.

Payment is made directly to the HVAC Pro.

The Work

Most HVAC systems have multiple capacitors.

Each capacitor is tested to make sure it is within its manufacured microfarad rating.

The test can be done when the system is on or off. And each HVAC Pro has their own preference and belief on which way is better. Both ways are good and accurate.

The test is done with an electrical multimeter. It is a device that can measure amperage (AMPS) and voltage.

If the capacitor reading is within ±5% of the manufactured rating then it is good. If it exceeds the ±5% than it needs to be replaced.

Important Things to Know

**Do Not Attempt to Test and Replace a Capacitor Yourself**

**Lethal Electric Shock May Occur**

Most HVAC systems have multiple HVAC system capacitors.

Typically an HVAC systems will have one or two capacitors on the outdoor unit (both heat pumps and air conditioners). For the compressor and condensor fan motors. And on the indoor unit (either gas furnace and air handler). For the blower fan motor and inducer fan motor.

Connect with a HVAC Pro
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