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The QuietCool Whole-House Fan? (Everything You Need to Know)


With utility costs rising at a steady pace and temperatures reaching more extremes, running your HVAC system can be a costly way to keep your home comfortable.

A whole-house fan is a simple way to keep your home at a desirable temperature while saving money on energy costs.

This guide will cover the QuietCool whole-house fan, how it works, its benefits, where to buy one, and how to get it installed.

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  1. What is the QuietCool Whole-House Fan?

  2. How Does the QuietCool Whole-House Fan Work?

  3. The Benefits of the QuietCool Whole-House Fan

  4. Where to buy the QuietCool Whole-House Fan?

  5. How to Install the QuietCool Whole-House Fan?

  6. Conclusion

What is the QuietCool Whole-House Fan?

In short, the QuietCool whole-house fan is a powerful ventilation system that is very energy efficient and quiet compared to traditional-style whole-house fans.

The purpose of a whole house fan is to bring in cool, fresh air from outside while exhausting hot, stale air trapped inside the home & attic.

Doing this improves the indoor air quality of your home and keeps your home cool.

A properly sized system offers a complete air exchange in 3-4 minutes and 15-20 air exchanges per hour to keep your home cool & fresh.

The QuietCool whole house fan is relatively easy to install if you are a DIY type of person.

The QuietCool systems come in a variety of sizes and models. It is important to consider the size of the home, climate, lifestyle, and more when sizing a system.

You can consult with an HVAC professional for help on sizing a system.

How Does the QuietCool Whole-House Fan Work?

The QuietCool whole-house fan works in a similar way as a whole-house fan.

You’ll want to run your QuietCool whole house fan during the cooler parts of the day, usually in the evenings at night and morning times.

You turn it on, and it starts sucking the air out of your home and into your attic.

To control the airflow and ventilation, simply open a window or a few windows in the rooms you wish to ventilate. And the fan does the rest of the work.

Hot, stale air will be sucked up from the living space and replaced with cool fresh air from outside.

Fresh air is pulled into the home from the windows, and the air that was pulled from the home gets pushed into the attic.

This creates a few effects.

First, is the airflow effect. Moving air feels 5-10 degrees cooler than still air. The fan instantly creates powerful breezes that offer a wonderful cooling sensation.

Second, the cool air ventilating the entire home & attic will induce thermal mass cooling. Thermal mass cooling is achieved by the fan extracting heat and cooling the core structure of the entire home, not just the ambient air in the living space like an AC system.

It is essential to place the fan in a strategic location to allow the best airflow throughout your home.

Therefore we advise consulting with a professional.

Here is a short video to explain this concept:

The Benefits of the QuietCool Whole-House Fan

There are six main benefits to the QueitCool whole-house fan.

The first is that it can save you up to 50-90% on your annual AC bill.

This is because you will need to run your AC less frequently to keep your home cool.

The second is that it will extend the life of your HVAC system. This is an obvious one. If you use your HVAC system less, it will last longer.

The third is to benefit is an instant cooling sensation when the fan is on.

This is great on hot days which typically cool off in the evening, night, and morning where you can take advantage of the naturally cool air outside and give your AC a break.

The fourth benefit is that you can balance the core temperature of your home by removing heat pockets typically stored in the attic, upstairs, and problem parts of ranch-style homes.

This ensures that no area of your home is too hot.

The fifth benefit is our favorite, and it is the fact that it improves the indoor air quality of your home.

Introducing fresh air from the outdoors is one of the most effective ways to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

Believe it or not, the outdoor air is cleaner than the indoor air.

The sixth benefit of QuietCool is that you can remove odors in seconds to minutes. Cooking odors, pet dander, smoke, steam & germs.. gone!

Where to buy the QuietCool Whole-House Fan?

There are two ways to buy the QuietCool whole-house fan.

You can buy it via an online retailer and install it yourself or through an authorized contractor who will also install it for you.

If you choose to buy it via an online retailer, you will need to install it yourself.

You can see the steps below.

If you choose to buy it via an authorized contractor, they will set up everything for you and ensure it is up and running.

There is one more thing to consider when deciding how to purchase the QuiteCool whole-house fan.

That is what model type you would like.

If you want the quieter, more efficient systems, you will need to buy one via an authorized contractor.

If you want to install it yourself, you can buy a more basic model type.

How to Install the QuietCool Whole-House Fan?

If you decide to install the QuietCool whole-house fan yourself, you will need to start by making sure you have some basic tools.

  1. Electric drill with a phillips bit

  2. Phillips screwdriver

  3. Flathead screwdriver

  4. Awl

  5. Drywall saw

  6. Pencil

  7. Ladder

Next, you want to open up the QuietCool packaging and ensure you have all of the parts included.

  1. QuietCool motorhead

  2. Duct

  3. Damper Box

  4. Grille and template

  5. Screws

  6. Nylon strap

  7. Window Locks

Next, you want to determine the best location for the fan.

As a rule of thumb, you should place the fan in a central location within the home, such as near the stairs or in the hallway.

If you purchased a smaller fan for a bedroom, you should place it near the bedroom door to draw air across the room.

Before beginning the installation, make sure the fan blade spins freely.

All you need is the template and the awl for the first part.

You need to find a place in the attic with at least 30” of clearance height so you can hang the fan in the attic.

Ensure no obstructions in the attic may block the fan from moving the air properly.

Once you have determined where the fan will be, make sure to pull back the insulation around where the cutout will be.

Using the template and the awl, mark four reference holes in the drywall around the template.

Now go back into the home and use the template and reference holes to mark the template with a pencil.

Use the saw and cut out the drywall around the marked pencil line.

Now is time to get the QuietCool system into your attic.

You can remove the duct from the fan and motor for easier maneuvering.

If you have large attic access, you can use your attic access.

If it is tight, you can use the new cutout to place the QuietCool parts into the attic.

The system is designed to allow you to do so easily.

The system is designed to fit 16 inches or 24 inches on center joists.

If your attic rafters are 16 inches in the center, you will need to remove both of the damper box flanges on the same side as the ceiling joist for an easy fit.

If your attic rafters are 24 inches in the center, your will need to remove one damper box flange on the side that will mount to the ceiling joists.

The flanges are simple to remove with a flathead screwdriver.

Next, place your damper box over the ceiling cutout.

You will need to attach the damper box to one or more sides of the joist.

Fasten the damper box to the joist using the preexisting holes inside of the damper box.

On the opposite sides, use a drywall screw to attach it to the drywall into the metal flange.

The flange on the opposite side is designed to fasten and secure the damper box.

Now, just attach the included grille with a phillips screwdriver and the included screws to finish the damper box and grille installation.

Make your way back to the attic.

If you removed the duct from the motor housing and fan, you need to reattach it.

Now it is time to hang the fan.

You will need the two screws and the hanging strap attached to the motorhead.

Simply screw two screws into the rafter you will be hanging it from.

Make sure to hang it from about three to six feet from the damper box.

If you don’t have a rafter close enough, you can always construct your rafter closer to the fan.

You will need to screw them almost all the way in.

Now simply attach the straps to them and tighten the screws all the way.

Make sure the fan has a clear path to blow the air, and you should consider tilting it slightly upwards to prevent it from blowing the insulation.

This is especially important if you have blown-in insulation.

The next step is to attach the duct to the damper box with the three black screws provided.

After that is secure, use the nylon strap to strap the duct and create a 90-degree bend.

This will help reduce noise from the motor entering your home.

Once again, make sure the fan spins freely before connecting it to the power.

The included remote should automatically be paired with the system, and you should be able to turn on your fan.

That’s it; installing a QuietCool whole-house fan is not too hard.

It requires some manual work, and you should always consult with a professional if you are unsure about any steps in the process.


A QuietCool whole-house fan is a great accessory to add to your home.

It is an advanced ventilation system that brings in fresh air to your home.

The QuiteCool whole-house fan has many benefits that allow you to live a cooler healthier life. With benefits such as reduced energy costs, better IAQ, and a longer life for your HVAC system.

You can buy a consumer-grade QuietCool whole house fan online and install it yourself, but you will need to be confident in your home, attic & attic ventilation assessments before you start this project.

Or you can have an HVAC contractor who will provide a professional assessment of your home & lifestyle to be confident you’re system & installation meet factory standards. In addition to a professional assessment, you’ll also get the premier Pro Series fans which offer the strongest performance and industry-leading 15-year warranty.

Either way, we believe a whole-house fan is a great solution to pair with your HVAC system.

We are always here to help. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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